Thursday, September 8, 2011

[Product Update] Dasboard - the company around you


What if you can have an overview of your entire company and every employee in one single collabarative learning system that predicts the employee’s health? Dasboard brings you the best of both the worlds- the statistics of the company and a perfect UI to give you the best user experience.

Most of the graph databases in Dasboard are moving towards runtime flexibility for well defined types and performance. A client graph for e.g gives the a representation of various clients and various projects, if I just want to list all the people in the company and check out there performance Dasboard allows you to do that too. How does Dasboard get individual performances? The little secret here is that we are using a generic internal feedback system that is helping us understand our team members. Based on various feedbacks, these internally learning algorithms carefully does collaborative filtering and represents it in the finest UI possible.

That’s not it..!! This new update to Dasboard even brings all your projects together. It now talks to various API’s, combining the information gathered with some of the best practices we have adopted from the agile world.

Dasboard is fast evolving into one of the finest in-house products we have been working on.

Stay tuned.


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